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DMC Vietnam, our country is simply captivating. White beaches, emerald green mountains, simple villages where life has not changed much in hundreds of years, vibrant cities, where rikshaws wind their way through traffic and families of 5 share one small moped or transport large household goods... Hold on to your hat, welcome to Vietnam. Colonial mansions, French influences, old temples where you have to step over the treshold, so you automatically look down to show your respect. You also find highlands, wildlife, rainforests and beautiful islands. Today, this gracious and graceful country of rare beauty is an outstanding travel destination

Further down the page: Read about our company * Travel Facts. There is also a map, the best hotels for meetings in Vietnam and program ideas for Vietnam.

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Language Vietnamese
Local time GMT (London) + 7.00hours
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Cyclo Race Vietnam

Unusual experience to discover the city in style with a traditional way of transportation. An interesting and varied route takes you through the colonial quarter. We recommend to use it for a lunch or dinner transfer.

Some highlights in Vietnam

The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

(Vietnamese: Lăng Chủ tịch Hồ Chí Minh) is the final resting place of Vietminh leader Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a large building located in the center of Ba Dinh Square, where Minh, Chairman of the Communist Party of Vietnam from 1951 until his death in 1969, read the Declaration of Independence on 2 September 1945, establishing the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. It is also known as Ba Đình Mausoleum (Vietnamese: Lăng Ba Đình) and is open to the public.

One Pillar Pagoda
Rising from one pillar in the centre of an elegantly square shaped lotus pond, The One Pillar Pagoda is said to represent a lotus flower growing up out of the water.

Constructed from wood based on a single stone pillar crafted into the shape of a lotus blossom, rebuilt several times, most recently in 1955 when the base was destroyed during the French evacuation. Location: situated in the park behind the museum near Ba Dinh Square at Ong Ich Kiem Street in the Ba Dinh District.

Remarks: Appropriate attire should be worn if you are entering the temple; prayers take place continuously throughout the day. Praying at The One Pillar Pagoda is said to bring about blessings of fertility and health.

Vespa Tour Hanoi

2 hours Vespa tour in the heart of Hanoi (with driver) to discover main monuments.

Transfer to go for lunch or dinner from the hotel.

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Top 3 Conference hotels:

The Reverie Saigon
Rooms 286
Meeting Rooms 12

Windsor Plaza Hotel
Rooms 376
Meeting Rooms 15

JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi
Rooms 450
Meeting Rooms 17